Why you should have a Website

Why should you have a Website

Lets look at it this way

Services Business Owner

This is a great way to establish credibility and generate sales online

Products Business Owner

Obvious here. Don’t just have local customers buy your products. You can have everyone all over the world buy your products! That is of course if you want to deal with oversees orders.

But the benefits of having a website where people can visualize what they want would be awesome.

You’ll also gain new customers as people love to shop around with minimal time commitment and compare prices. Now when comparing prices, there also comparing quality. I’ve looked for a cheap laptop when I was on minimum wage, but after seeing some better performing laptops I knew that would be better quality for money.

While on the subject if you check out currys and pc world they had laptops and next to the picture was ‘everyday use’ ‘peformance’ I’d already done my research to know why performance was better. It’s the SSD drive and RAM, plus intel processor. If you had a guide for this near the top, and then pictures for everyday use and performance PLUS allow reviews for laptops, why would I want to look anywhere else?

You could have an

  • Online Brochure of Products (they buy at your store, but can view online)
  • Order Products Online (a general Online Store)
  • A One page Product Website with an order form
  • A Product website but you link to Amazon to deal with the orders

Job Seeker

Wouldn’t it look great to have a website when you hand in your CV?
Or for people to find you on LinkedIn

I actually applied for only the one job with a website attached. It was a start up company, but sadly I didn’t here anything back. But I was super impressed with it and showed it to others.  I was able to display everything I wanted to share about myself which was pretty cool.

It did take about a week, and that’s after having some knowledge previously of creating websites. If you’re brand new, maybe a week or 2 getting the ropes, then allow a week to complete.

Extra Income

This can include affiliate marketing, a portfolio website for people to download your images.

Maybe even have a small website for dog walking, or baby sitting (see Services for Business)


Of course you may want to write full time

Blog for

  • Full time Income
  • Share your Story
  • Share your Story + Earn some extra pocket money


After reading is there anything you’ve experienced you could add to the list?

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