Which Website Builder will Create the Website you want

Which Website Builder will Create the Website you want

A review of squarespace, weebly, wix, wordpress, drupal, shopify

Heres a huge list of why WordPress

A list of 6 best website builders 

This article has a great picture – woocommerce 42% marketshare compared to shopify

This has a great list of the live sites



This one has to be at the top

26% of all websites are built using WordPress

Reason for being popular (or how did it make the list?)

I will go an interesing route here and say that WordPress is great for beginners easing into code and for bloggers.

It also grew down to affilaite marketing. Most affiliates are for hosting, which all websites need. To get affiliate revenue you show people how to create a website. And with generous hosting commisoins, there are a lot of tutorils and that helps people learn, so they learn WordPress and it grows from there.

Main Benefits

  • Lots of tutorials.
  • So many plugins, like apps for your phone, all allowing you to do something.
  • Page Builder. This is a plugin and allows you to drag and drop items, which makes building websites so much fun and easy to do.
  • A huge community I’m part of many facebook groups which answer tons of questions that people have.
  • Easy to Blog.
  • Great for beginners once you’ve learn’t a few things, but with the tutorials you’ll be flying.

Ease of use – Medium

Ok it is easy but you have to learn about

  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • WordPress Dashboard
  • Page Builder (drag and drop)

But once you’ve learn’t that WordPress is easy to use


I have a seperate blog on website costs but your main expenditure will be yearly

  • Domain name (£10)
  • Hosting (£120)
  • Theme (free to £50)
  • Page Builder (free to £200)

Other Benefits

  • So many people use WordPress it’s hard not to find someone to help you
  • You can always find someone to build you a WordPress Website
  • There should be localish WordPress Meetup (it’s popular enough to have meet ups!) which gives you more learning tips

End result (of what a website could look like)


In my opinion WordPress is the best Website Builder to use.

You can build any type of website with WordPress.

Wix Weebly Sqaurespace for complete beginners who want to create a website fast, just to have one

Shopify is a very close call to WooCommerce on WordPress. Shopify could be a very good option if you’re not familiar with WordPress.

If your new to website building which one do you think you’ll try out? If you have some experience is there anything I could add to help website beginners? If you could Comment Below that would be great 🙂