What type of Website do you want to create

What type of Website do you want to create

We can break this down into 7 categories.

There are also 3 types of websites.

You could also use your website purpose as one.

Only 6 websites to choose from

1) Authors, Speakers, Coaches, Consultants: These are people who are selling information products, books, masterminds, coaching, consulting, live events, and more. While these industries are different, the types of funnel they use and how they use them are very similar.

2) Professional Services: There are a lot of different types of professional services. This would include businesses like real estate agents, dentists, financial and insurance agents, plumbers, dog walking and more.

3) Retail / Brick and Morter: Retail would include restaurants, gyms, spas, salons, entertainment, auto shops and more

4) Ecommerce: Ecommerce are physical products such as those typically sold on Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, eBay, and other online stores.

5) Network and Affiliating Marketing: These are people selling other people’s products, so it could include distributors, affiliates, people doing home parties, direct sales. etc

6) Business to Business: The last category is B2B. This is anyone selling any type of product or service, consulting, equipment, or more from one business to another.



The 7 categories

1) Business Services Website
Main Purpose: To inspire someone to use your services

Secondary Purpose: Provide information, answer FAQ’s, answer why you and not another business, contact details.

2) Business Products Website
Main Purpose: To inspire someone to buy your products online

Secondary Purpose: Provide information, answer FAQ’s, answer why you and not another business, contact details.

Track packages online. Customer complaints. Refunds.

With either a product or service website you can now narrow the type of website for each one in this extra area called the 3 types of websites.

The 3 types of websites

1) One Page Website

The first type of website you could have would be a one page website.

A one page website displays all the information you need about you or your company and gives the website visitor all they need to know.

This type of website would be mainly used for a business with 1 main service or product

2) Standard Website

This is your typical website with the following pages below

Home | About | Services | Contact

The home page would either be about you or a page with a description for each other page.

This would be mainly used for a business with more than 1 service

3) Online Store

This would be the same as a standard website except you sell products online.

Back to the 8 categories

3) Blog

There are 3 types of Blogs, 2 are for personal reasons 1 can be for business.

Main Purpose Personal Blog 1: Share your thoughts with the world online

Example you have a passion that you want to share with someone. My mum homeschooled me and my brothers and sisters, if that was you, you could share that.

This blog wasn’t started with the intention of making money, purely to just write or share.

However you can make money by adding links like below.

Main Purpose Personal Blog 2: Earn money from blogging

Example you would have your blog set up as an affiliate blog. You write articles based on your passion of affiliate. Lets say grooming products.

You write about the best ways to look with links in your articles to the grooming products pages.

This blog is entirely money based. Pretty much every article will be written with links to affiliate websites.

Main Purpose Business Blog 3: Used as a marketing tool to raise awareness of your service or product.

Example you sell Star Wars Tshirts you could write a blog named the top 10 star wars gifts, including your T shirt as one of them – this raises awareness and leads them to your Business Website.

This blog is an addition to your business service or products website.

4) Portfolio

There are 2 main purposes for having portfolio

This website would be to share your work such as art, photography and design work

Main Purpose 1: You want to upload your work to share online with others for likes and nice comments

Main Purpose 2: You want to showcase your work to get job offers

Main Purpose 3: You want to sell your work online as downloads

5) CV, About me

This website would be for anyone who wants to create an about me website or if you’re looking for a job you can have a website saying how great you are.

The website generally used in this would be a one page website.

You could also boost it by adding a personal blog to bring awareness about your job level

6) Event or Occasion

Let’s say you’re having a wedding, birthday party or event of the year this is the area you would have your website.

Generally you could fit all the information needed into a One page Website

You can also sell tickets or take bookings online, which would probably end up on another page

7) Restaurant

With the theme of 3 there are 3 types of restaurant websites you could have

Main Purpose 1: Your website is to promote your restaurant with the main aim to get people to visit

Most of the information could fit on a one page website or a standard website.

Main Purpose 2: Your website is a place for people to order food from.

This can be a one page website or a standard type website.

Main Purpose 3: A mixture of both.

There we go. That’s the main majority of website types you could have.

Of course there are so much more than this and I will try to update and increase the list as time allows.

One major one I would like to add would be an information website and an online estate agency.



OK this is from the notes on my phone – copied and pasted so I can make sense of this.

Business Services website

5 page website for business services.

Goal of the website ?

As business services the primary goal would be to generate phone calls for your ideal customer to book in work

Secondary goal, display information about the website like a brochure website.

Who is it for?

Office work, tradesmen, coaches / trainers, vechial offering multiple services or have a lot of information to display.

Business products, online store, first business

Online store – business products

One page product website

Goal of the website ?

Have someone buy your product

Secondary answer questions about the product.

Who is it for ?

Businesses with 1 product and not much content, Starter businesses, test product,

5 page product website – online store

Goal of the website ?

Have a customer buy the products.
Checkout, Paypal / credit card,

Secondary goal.
Display information about the products.
Customer able to track order, refund / return, contact.

Who is it for ?

Small – medium businesses. Starter business with x number of products, (jewellery, clothes, shoes, gadgets)

Online store – Affiliate website

Goal of the website ?

Have a customer add products to cart, but pay elsewhere.

You earn a commission for the sale.

Who is it for ?

Those who want to earn extra income running an affiliate website – 1-2 hours a day set up.

Those thinking of starting a business, but want to affiliate first before taking orders of their own.

Interest in websites, researching for affiliate product, adding new products and ranking website, marketing for website.

Landing page offering online service

Goal of the page ?

Added onto a services website you would take payment and booking of your service.

Who is it for ?

Business services online.
Barber, coaching, trainer, office (lawyer, solicitor, accountant)
Skype chat

Landing page offering downloadable product

Goal of the page ?

Added to a services website you would take payment and offer a downloadable product.
E-Book, music, pdf,

Who is it for ?

Business services online. Any business with information worth paying for.
Barber, coaching, trainer, office (lawyer, solicitor, accountant)
Skype chat

Blogging website

Blogging just to blog

What is the goal of the website ?

Just to write about a subject you are interested in.

Become an authority in something.

Help gain a job with your knowledge.

Share your knowledge.

Who is it for ?

Those looking for new jobs or interested in moving up. Great to write about your experience in a field.

Those who want to keep an online journal.

Those who want to share information

Money generating blog

Goal of the website ?

Earn cash.

Use affiliate links to earn commission

Adverts on site to earn commission

Who is it for ?

Those who want to blog but also want to add money on the side.

Those who just want to earn money, however you’ll need the same requirements as the first blog.

Business blog

Goal of the website ?

Attract potential customers with information leading to filtering the right customer and ultimately a purchase or booking of a service.

Who is it for ?

Any business who enjoys writing articles online.

Other ways of marketing could be podcasting, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook,

Blogging benefits are Google searches

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