What to write in your About Page

What to write in your About Page



You could have in your about page these styles

About me (individual)
About us (company)
My Story (why you started or history of you)
Our Story (history of the company or why you started)
About You (Written by someone else)


About me + About us

1 Just write about you as an individual

My name is Josh and I love to build websites on the weekend

2 You could write about what your problem solves and why you started

Sometimes hiring a web designer feels inpersonal. They sit in the office and you have little interaction with your website. When the finished product arrives, in around 4 weeks time, your not that impressed but it’s been so long you don’t want to make any changes.

Realising this issue I build websites for a select few.

But I make them personal. We first have a 15 minute phone call to see if we’re a match. Then, I visit you in your location. That’s day 1. We discuss everything you want on your website, what your goals are. With that information I show you the designs you could have to reach your goal.

Then I work on it over the week. The next weekend we’ll meet and I’ll show you the finished website, make any changes, and that’s it. Your website will be up and running.


Our story + My Story

1 You can use a timeline plugin to make the about page interactive

We started in June 2012. Dec 2012 we got our first office. July 2013 5 employees. May 2015 20 employees.

2 You could use sections with images rotating from right to left to describe your story

Same as above but could look like this


About you (written by someone else)

Josh is a highly skilled website developer. With 800 websites created and 1000’s of adoring fans worldwide you to can enjoy by clicking here.

Holding advanced qualifications you’ll be in safe hands with Josh.

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