What Styles could your Website have

What Styles could your Website have

To help you start planning for your website design and content I’ve pulled together some styles you could base your website off.

This helps me a lot when designing for clients to show them the colour palletes and writing styles, so they can compare which design style to go for.


Images: You would use hand drawn icons for images

Colour pallete can be colourful to white

Writing Style would be fun, playful

Heres a slide show of cartoon websites that you can find on Themeforest

(slideshow of 5 website screenshots)

Here’s one¬†https://easyblogthemes.com/

It has hand drawn icons and a rocket, gives it a fun friendly appeal



Images from Adobe or Shutterstock without much colourful filters

Colour Pallete would be a mix of dark greys, blues and white

Writing Style would be official and third party


Images: Can be a mix of free and paid, you could also use clean icons

Colour Pallete would be light or pastel colours

Writing Style would be third party and 1st party


Same as clean?


You might not even have a menu, just a button

Same as clean?


You can mix and match each style to

Cartoon + Professional

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