What is WordPress and why should you use it

What is WordPress and why should you use it

What is WordPress and why should you use it

There are many reasons why you should use WordPress to build your website

Most common Content Management System

Content Manayagement System is pretty self explanatry where you can update the areas in your website by yourself.

Example you wanted to change the price of an item or service, you would log in, select the page and change the price.

Below you can see from this website w3techs that WordPress has 60.1% share for content management.


Nearly a quater of websites use WordPress

This is from WordPress website itself.

That’s pretty huge which combined with a 60% market share of content management leads me to my next point

A lot of professionals to help you

While I can’t find the data on professionals for you I can give you a list of plugins and themes

Plugins: 54,199

Themes: 2813 Popular Themes

5,389 Latest Themes

That’s just on with WordPress itself

And with huge Facebook communities and YouTube there will be lots of help if you need it.

Plugins and Themes

From above with so many Plugins and Themes you can pretty much do anything or add any functionality you need.

Room to grow

There are some huge websites that are run using WordPress.

You can use WordPress for the smallest of websites to the largest.

If you’re interested in building your own website then WordPress itself is worth the investment.

Top websites include

Mercedes – Benz
The New York Observer
BBC America
Usain Bolt
Angry Birds

Easy to use Dashboard

Yeah this will take a little bit of time to get used to but once you know it, it is very easy to use and train people to use WordPress

Well I love WordPress and I’m sure if you invest a little bit of time you can make yourself an awesome website.

If all else fails there are loads of WordPress enthusiasts who can help you build your website.

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