What is a WordPress Plugin

What is a WordPress Plugin

What is a WordPress Plugin

Plugins are like apps. They enhance WordPress giving you a particular feature or benefit.

These are all Plugins !

Like in the Picture above there are over 53,000 plugins you could choose from.

Each one has a description and each one does something for you that generic WordPress doesn’t have.


As you can see in the picture below if someone finds my website in Google they will see this mess

1) My Title Sucks – Home – My Blog ewww

2) What is this ! What a mess !

HOW can I change my Title ?

HOW can I change number 2 – this is called your Meta Description

You Install a Plugin !

If I install a Plugin called Yoast SEO I get an extra box in my Edit Page area

I can now change the information

The Change !

And this is what my Google page would now look like by typing in the above box.

I really should work on my writing skills but hopefully you get the jist of it.

By Adding a Plugin I was able to change the Google Page

Without Adding that Plugin I wouldn’t have been able to change it.

That’s what a WordPress Plugin is – enhancing WordPress allowing you to do something you couldn’t before.


I hope you found this article helpful ! 🙂

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