What is a website domain and where to get one

What is a website domain and where to get one

The address people type in to visit your website

You can get a domain name from dedicated domain websites such as

Godaddy and NameCheap

Or from your hosting company. Alternatively if you use, wix, weebly or squarespace you buy your domain name with them


  • Why have a sepereate domain name from hosting
    • A hosting company needs to have, support + speed. If youre hosting doesn’t have that, you’ll want to move, but then the hosting company has your domain
    • It’s easier to repoint your domain, as shown here (show how to repoint – maybe in a pop up)
  • Domain History
    • How did it come around
  • Who owns all the domains
    • Explain about icaan
    • Hosting companies pay for it
  • Domain Extensions
    • What are they
      • .com
      • .couk
    • Which one is best
      • .com but then also what’s available
    • Prices
      • About the same
  • How to pick the right website name
    • See the full post
    • Do short detail here
  • Other things you can do with a domain name
    • Buy and then sell
    • Buy, put a website on it, get traffic, then sell


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