What Essential WordPress Plugins do you need

What Essential WordPress Plugins do you need

What Essential WordPress Plugins do you need

Here are 8 of the Plugins I install on every website.

These Plugins Cover

    > WordFence

> WP Super Cache

SEO Boost 1 – Change your page Title and Meta Description
> Yoast SEO

SEO Boost 2 – XMl Map helping Google help you
> Google XML Sitemaps

Analytics – See what pages your visitors are viewing
> Google Analytics Dashboard

Backing up your Website
> Updraft Plus

Image Optimizer – Helps with website speed
> Smush Image Compression

Automatic Plugin Updater
> Easy Updates Manager

Security – WordFence

The main reason for Security is to protect yourself from Hackers.

WordFence Security is one of the best plugins to provide this and easy to set up!

WordFence Plugin Picture

Speed – WP Super Cache

We and our website visitors all want to see a fast website.

WP Super Cache does a superb job at speeding up your website.

WP Super Cache Plugin Picture

SEO Boost 1 – Yoast SEO

When you do a Google Search you can see Website Titles in blue, the website address underneath and a description below that.

Yoast SEO allows you to change the Title and the Description call Meta Description

A handy plugin! It also helps you optimize your website for SEO with helpful hints

Yoast SEO Plugin Picture

SEO Boost 2 – Google XMl Sitemaps

Google sends out ‘bots’ all the time to index websites

That means Google stores your Website information on their servers – when you search something the result comes from the servers.

To help them ‘index’ your website an XML sitemap is the best plugin to have to ‘speak’ the bots language.

Google XMl Sitemaps Plugin Picture

Analytics – Google Analytics Dashboard

Having a website we obviously want to connect with people.

Google Analytics Dashboard gives you a ‘dashboard’ with all the information you need about what your website visitors are doing on your website.

Really useful to make amendments on your website to make it better.

Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin Picture

Back up your Website – UpdraftPlus

For the worst case scenario. 

You lose the car keys, walk under a ladder, break a mirror and your having brussel sprouts for dinner.

And then your website breaks, disappears, stops working.

That’s why we install Updraft, which every day stores your website, so if the worst happens you can just reload yesterdays version 🙂

Updraft Plus Plugin Picture

Image Optimizer – Smush Image Compression

This helps to make your website faster.

What usually makes a website slow aside from your hosting service, theme or plugins is down to images.

Smush Image Compression makes your images the lowest load it can go while keeping the quality helping you keep a fast website.

Smush Image Compression Plugin Picture

Automatic Plugin Updates – Easy Update Manager

Lastly all the above plugins update every now and again.

To keep your website updated installing Easy Update Manager which updates your plugins when they need to be updated saves a lot of time.

It’s handy to have the back up plugin with this just incase a plugin ‘breaks’ your website.

You can also select which plugins you want to be updated automatically.

Easy Updates Manager Plugin Picture

I hope you found this article helpful ! 🙂

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