What are the start up and running costs of a Website

What are the start up and running costs of a Website

A website should bring in more money than it costs. But I understand that funds can be limited.

I’m going to use a Website Services for this case, but an ecommerce, blogging, affiliate, and retail sites (estate agent, restaurant) could all be at play.

Web designer Costs

If you’re a business I would strongly recommend looking at adwords on Google SEO.

So AdWords costs per click which means the website advertising needs to being in more than it spends. Generally these websites have forms and great search functions.

You want to make sure your web designer creates you a site to return your investment.

These sites would costs £1000 – £3000

E commerce sites £2000 – £10000

Do it yourself costs

I’ve tried to narrow this down to 3 areas.

The first I started on was the shoe string budget. Working minimum wage I couldn’t afford to spend money on websites, and definitely spend money on something I wouldn’t use.

The only high cost here is the hosting, but you can get a great 1st years discount to then try and earn some money for next years.

Shoe String Costs

  • Domain Name £10
  • Hosting £40
  • Theme – free
  • Page Builder – free

Total Costs £50 for your first year

£5 a month

The second year you lose your discount and it’s £130 a year

£10 a month

This is a great way to get started with websites to see if you like it.

Medium Spender

  • Domain Name £10
  • Hosting £120
  • Pro Theme £50
  • Page Builder Pro £50
  • Page Builder Extensions £100

Total Costs £300 a year

£30 a month.

I think Medium spender gives you super ability to create your own website

Medium spender gives you so much ability to create your own website and super fast and easy.

Big Hitter

This is going for a high return on investment

  • Domain Name £10
  • Premium Hosting £300
  • Theme £50
  • Page Builder £50
  • Page Builder Extensions £100
  • Convert Pro £60
  • AB Testing £60
  • Pop Ups £60

Total Costs £1000 per year

£80 a month

This is something you can upgrade to after medium spender

The extra plugins are aimed at improving your traffic results


Please note these costs don’t include advertising.

If you’re on a shoe string budget you can create a pretty decent website and fairly easy to.

A medium spend gives you more options like forms and bookings.

Big hitter is great when you can put some earnings back into your website

Question Time:

Is there anything you would add as a cost to website building?

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