Web Design Tips

Start at the WordPress Dashboard

Writing Research Tools

Google Docs Research Tool:

Write your document in Google Docs and on the bottom right there is an explore option.

This opens up related, yes related content and images that may help your content


This tool checks your writing out and gives you tips on how to improve


This has great white papers on tips you may find useful – just go to their learning center.


And of course Grammerly has great spelling check that will suit you.

Design Tips

You can’t just show your clients how a design looks, though that is important. They need to know how it works and especially, why it works. They often keep asking for irrelevant, or even dangerous, changes because they don’t know why certain things need to be done according to best practices.

Complete copy

Suggest using pre templates – this is good If I have element or sections already up


I hope you found this article helpful ! :)

Link – https://www.webydo.com/blog/our-community/education/it-hurts-web-design-agencies-most-prominent-pains/

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