Try out WordPress for Free

Try out WordPress for Free

Try out WordPress for Free

If you ever wanted to try out WordPress for free you can do so with Flywheel

Click here for the link

Or visit

This is a local devleopemnt site which means you can try out WordPress, build a website and see if it’s for you.

The only downside is that is a local site.

This means that no one on the internet will be able to view your website.

You would need to get your website hosted, where your website is stored on the hosts servers and people can then view.

Plus you would need a domain name.

Now if you do build a website with flywheel and you really like, you can migrate your website to a new wordpress site that’s hosted

You would need to use a plugin like all in one migration to do this.

This is another step to learn if you’re just starting out, but a local by flywheel is a great way of saving money and seeing if WordPress is for you.

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