The best Elementor Addons

The best Elementor Addons

The best Elementor Addons

Namogo = Elementor Extras 64 euros unlimited sites 26 1 site

Crocoblock = Jet Elements $49 unlimited websites – cheapest offer

Essential Addons = $70 dollars unlimited sites $24 1 site

Ultimate Addons = $49 dollars – cheapest offer

Powerpackelements $59 dollars unlimited sites – cheapest offer $59 unlimited $39 dollars single

Element Pack $24 (£20) codecannon so for one site. BUT 100 elements, like freaking loads
Also you can edit the TablePress Plugin from Elementor
Also it works with Booked Calender which looks lovely (you need to spend $49 separately) here’s the link
It has a table of content for a blog so you can go to the title on a mega post – super cool

Also you have a video for each widget on how it works – that is super impressive

Ocean WP $9.99 for single site

Also don’t forget about Ocean WP Extension $39 one site $129 unlimited sites

Dynamic 25 euro for single site, 99 euro for unlimited site – needs looking at, not sure its any good or not…

Namogo is great

I like Jet Elements for the tab feature

Essential Addons has tons of free features plus content toggle and a great website interface

What it’s like to install the plugin – or plugin layout

Crocoblock (Jet Elements) – This isn’t great.

You have to download 10 plugins, individually, to finally get them all working on your website.

Essential Addons – This is great

You install the one plugin.

Then you have the option to turn of the individual items you don’t use.

This is the best layout in my opinion for keeping everything neat and tidy.

Plugin Website

Essential Addons – This is great

I always quickly flash up there website to look at the icons to see what I can create, or for ideas on how to present content

They have the easiest layout here as well.

Jet Elements – 6/10

To play with the options there are a lot of clicks, but the tab option does keep everything neat and tidy


What widgets do you get

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