The 5 types of Website Names

The 5 types of Website Names

Great domain name tool

Online Business Tech: Choosing a Domain Name & Branding tips – keep watching

You could go for

  • Branding name
  • Personal
  • Generic, Descriptive
  • Arbitrary/Fanciful
  • Hybrid Suggestive
  • Exact Match

Personal Branding

Take your first name and last name, put it togther and add .com

This would be great for authors, coaches, public speaker.

Maybe a professional services.

For the others not really.

You could also just buy your name for the fun of it.

As a side not, if your name is hard to spell, maybe avoid it.

You could also use a nickname to, if people know that.

Generic, Descriptive


or onlinebusinesstech

Great approach to know what your about.

They get is straight away

Exact Match (think descriptive matches this)

This is great for local business’s

Your an accountant in Brighton, you would call yourself

This does help with SEO, which means you’ll rank high in the search engines, people say Google doesn’t do it anymore, but type in a service in your location and the website will be in the top 10, I do it all the time and very rarely will there be one.

It also usually sucks, but still ranks !

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