How to setup Yoast SEO

How to setup Yoast SEO

How to setup Yoast SEO

I’ll assume you know how to install a plugin if not you can click here 🙂

Once Yoast SEO is installed you’ll notice 3 things.

Notice #1

1) Hovering over this symbol you’ll see 4 things

Configuration Wizard
Keyword Research
SEO Settings

Notifications just takes you to the SEO Dashboard in Number 2 (on the picture above)

Configuration Wizard is what we’ll need to set up to help Google find you. Keep reading below or click here to setup.

Keyword Research has 3 useful links for Keyword Research

SEO Settings is the same as Number 2

Notice #2

We’re on the Yoast SEO Dashboard

Dashboard – Just some general information for you, nothing I pay much attention too

General – This is another link to the Configuration Wizard plus credits for the Yoast SEO team

Features – You can enable or disable some of the features of Yoast SEO – I generally leave this be

Your Info – A good idea to head over to this page and select wether you are a Company or a person

Webmaster Tools – Another good place. This is where you can verify your Webmaster Tools (basically search engines like Google and Bing it’s a good idea to ‘verify’ your website, you do this by ‘uploading’ a copy and paste text from them to your website)

Security – A bit advanced and mainly for disallowing other authors on your website from accessing some information. If you fly solo not to worry about it. If you have other Authors still no need to worry as the security is set to Disabled for other Authors

Notice #3a

If you go to Pages > Add New as highlight on the picture sidebar you’ll notice something new if you scroll down.

This is the Yoast SEO features and allows you to do some pretty neat stuff.

1) This is a section for the information below. Next to it you can see Readability which is another section you could click shown in Notice #3b

2) This is the information you display on Googles page. It sucks at the moment!

3) Edit Snippet – when you click this you can change the Title and the Descriptive Text underneath your website name. This is called ‘Meta Description

You can also add details onto your Website Name in green – That’s called the Slug

4) You can view what your website visitors will see on Google either searching on a Desktop or Mobile.

5) A bit advanced but if you want to rank on Google for a specific keyword this is where you would type that keyword in.

Example: Let’s say you own Joe’s Doughnuts in your town – Joetown (so original!) you would probably want to rank for Joetown Doughnut Shop so when people search for that they find you first.

6) Yoast SEO offers you tips to improve your SEO. Green is good. Orange is ok. Red is not brilliant !

Notice #3b

The Readability page will give you tips for improving your content.

I currently have none so it’s highlighted in red to add more content!

Sometimes it can be good to check with Yoast SEO but your best option is to speak to the people you want to visit your website naturally .

Configuring the Yoast SEO Setup Wizard

Yoast SEO have writtena pretty solid guide for settings up their configuration Wizard.

Using the Yoast SEO configuration Wizard helps optimize your Website for SEO – helping Google know what your Website is about and the matching your website with people who are searching for it.

Once setup you’ll have completed the Yoast SEO Setup.

Click here to go to their Tutorial.

I hope you found this article helpful ! 🙂

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