How to Setup WordPress on SiteGround

How to Setup WordPress on SiteGround

How to Setup WordPress on SiteGround

This can be easily done in 10 steps

Step 1

Start at the SiteGround cPanel.

If you don’t know how to get there click here.

Step 2

Click on WordPress

Step 3

Click the Install Button

Step 4

You will now see this page click ‘Choose Protocol’ first

Step 5

I select the bottom one – https://www.

https://. This is how you can get a secure site

https://www. This is useful if you want to use CloudFare which makes your website super fast

http://. You will not have a secure website but you can change this later

Step 6

Next click on the ‘Choose Domain’ and select your Domain name.

I have a few domains already!

You can see me here clicking on my website for making tutorials 🙂

Note: The next drop down ‘In Directory’ leave blank

We’ll go to Site Settings on the next step

Step 7

1) If you know your website name put that down or you can leave with My Blog and change it later

2) Same again for Site Description. If you don’t know it leave as is and change later

3) Leave unchecked

4) Type in your username Please Remember This

5) Type in your password Please Remember This Too

6) Type in your email address

Step 8

After scrolling down a little select your Language

1) I leave unchecked

2) I leave unchecked

3) I leave as none

4) Click Install 🙂 Your done!

Step 9

This screen will appear and it’s usually really fast installing WordPress

Step 10

1) You’ll see this appear and it went successfully

2) Click that button to head back to the cPanel

I hope you found this article helpful ! 🙂