How to setup Wordfence Security

How to setup Wordfence Security

How to setup Wordfence Security

I’ll assume you know how to install a plugin if not you can click here 🙂

Once WordFence Security is installed you’ll get this pop up appear.

Put your email address in and you can either start the Tour which explains a lot for you or follow on below for the short steps to take.

Step 1

1) Hover over the new WordFence Module that appears on the sidebar.

2) Click Firewall. This is the first thing we want to set up.

Step 2

1) Click on the Optimize the Wordfence Firewall

Step 3

To work with SiteGround hosting you’ll need to do a few things in the CPanel to get the firewall setup

Copy the link below

Note: Don’t include ‘ ‘ in the copy and paste at either end it should look like this

/home/ bit in the middle wordfence-waf.php

Not ‘/home/ bit in the middle wordfence-waf.php’

Step 4

Leave your WordPress dashboard in your browser and open another tab.

Log on to your SiteGround account in the new tab and head to the CPanel – click here if you don’t know how to get there.

Once on the cPanel scroll down untill you see

1)  PHP Variables Manager. Click on the link

Step 5

Click on your website name.

I have a few websites ‘hidden’ just to protect customers privacy !

Step 6

1) Type in


2) Click Add

Step 7

Once added the bit you copied in Step 3

Paste it in the box

Step 8

1) Tick – Apply changes to all sub-directories?

2) Click Save

Step 9

You’ll see this page

1) Click Go Back

Step 10

You should now see added after your website name.

Well done that part is done !

Step 11

Once done go back to your WordPress Dashboard

1) Click Continue

Step 12

You should now see Extended Protection instead of Basic Protection

Step 13

1) Click Scan

2) Click Start a WordPress Scan

Wordfence will now scan your whole website. If any problems are found it will tell you.

It takes a couple of minutes to scan.

The most common problem would probably be a plugin that needs updating.

Once your scan is complete Wordfence will now do a daily scan of your website and email if there are any issues

I hope you found this article helpful ! 🙂

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