How to setup UpdraftPlus

How to setup UpdraftPlus

How to setup UpdraftPlus

I’ll assume you know how to install a plugin if not you can click here 🙂

Step 1

Once UpdraftPlus is installed you’ll need to

1) Hover over Settings

2) Click UpdraftPlus Backups

Step 2

We then want to setup remote storage (like Google Drive, Dropbox) on  UpdraftPlus

1) Click Settings

Step 3

On the UpdraftPlus Settings you’ll see all the remote storage you could select.

For this tutorial I’ll select Google Drive

1) Select Google Drive .. !

Step 4

1) Scroll down and click Save Changes

Step 5

This link will flash up – click on it to authorize Google Drive 🙂

Step 6

You will then be taken to this page

Select your Google Account

Step 7

With your Gmail Account selected

1) Click Allow

Step 8

This page will appear

Click Complete Setup

Step 9

1) This will flash up saying you are successful

2) Let’s create a Backup – Click the button

Step 10

This will flash up

1) Click Backup Now

Step 11

Your back up will now be complete ! To complete the final settings

1) Click on Settings

2) Set Files Backup Schedule to Daily
and to retain this many scheduled backups to 7

3) Set Database Backup Schedule to Daily
and to retain this many scheduled backups to 7

On the drop down there is a wide selection of backup times you can do.

I prefer Daily backups with Google Drive holding each backup for 7 days. This will give me plenty of time in case of a problem on my website.

For you, you could increase the number of days you want to store your backup or change the Backup times to whatever preference you want.

Then scroll down and click save changes

Step 12 – Trouble shooting

With Google Drive you may have an account that has to many ‘remote accesses

This is where apps like Updraft are connected to your account and it uses a token from Google.

There is a limit to this – if you have problems their are 2 options

Option 1: Click here to go through a manual way of getting the token

Option 2: Create a new gmail account ! You could call it whatever you want and just remember it’s there for your storage if you need it 🙂

Congratulations ! You’ve Setup UpdraftPlus in WordPress.

I hope you found this article helpful ! 🙂

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