How to set up Auto Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

How to set up Auto Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

How to set up Auto Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

This can be easily done in 4 steps

Step 1

Start at the WordPress Dashboard

Step 2

1) Hover over Plugins

2) Click Add New

Step 3

You should now be on the Add Plugins Page

1) Search for the plugin Auto Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

2) Click ‘Install Now‘ then click ‘Activate

Step 4

You’ll now appear on this menu, and have Auto TOS & PP Installed on your WordPress Website

1) That’s your settings button

2) That’s your new Auto TOS & PP

3) This is the page you should automatically land on.

You can choose allow and continue or skip, up to you !

Step 5

You’ll now reach the settings page where you need to put your info in to create the legal documents.

This is the page you’ll see but the next step I’ll show you what information you’ll need to fill in.

They’ll be 7 steps to fill in first so brace yourself!

Step 6

1) Full name: This can be your business name or personal name. Include if you’re LTD or not – so your full titles you would send to the tax office.

I put Optimize Website Tutorials

2) Name: This would be your business name or personal name without the company extras.

I put the same as above Optimize Website Tutorials

3) Possessive Name: In any of the documents if the possessive wording is needed like Optimize Website Tutoiral’s name is amazing, you’ll need the ‘s to make sense. As this is auto generated fill it in !

I put Optimize Website Tutorials’s

4) Domain Name: Fairly easy just enter your domain name.

I put

5) Official Website URL: This is auto filled – hurray

I put nothing in as it was autofilled

6) Minimum Age: Whatever the minimum age for your website is. 13 sounds good to me.

I put nothing and left it at 13

7) Time Period for changing fees of notifications: This is pretty self explanatory and you can change the time if needed.

I kept as is

Step 7

1) Time Period for replying to priority email: Whatever your standards are for that, for me one business day seems fine.

I left it as is with one business day

2) Time Period for determining maximum damages: I haven’t found out the answer to this one. I’m guessing if one of your website visitors was suing they would have 1 year to receive maximum damages

I left as is with the twelve (12) month

3) DMCA Notice URL: Digital Millennium Copyright Act this is really if anyone posts copyright infringement say on your comment sections.

I left blank

4) Venue: Easy to follow, enter your state or county and your country

I put West Sussex, UK

5) Court Location: Enter your town or city plus your state or county

I put Worthing, West Sussex

6) Arbitration Location: Enter your town or city plus your state or county

I put Worthing, West Sussex

7) Click Save Changes

Step 8

Once saved you’ll should appear at the top of the page

1) Change your on On/Off settings to On now

Then scroll down again and Click Save Changes

2) Save these shortcodes as we will be using them on 2 new pages we will create call Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Step 9

1) Click Pages

2) Click Add New

Step 10

1) Add Terms of Service to your Title

2) Click on Text

3) Paste in the shortcode my terms of service

4) You should see this on your full screen – sorry ! Disable Margins

5) Click Publish

Looks shit needs to go into ELMENTIR with 100 padding

Repeat Step 9 and 10 again.

This time create Privacy Policy page and paste in that shortcode.

If using Elementor I recommend creating a blank canvas, editing with Elementor and the upload the shortcode widget, paste in the code then add 100 padding to top, bottom, right and left.

I hope you found this article helpful ! 🙂

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