How to Screenshot a Website

How to Screenshot a Website

How to Screenshot a Website

Using the free Screenshot software FireShot below are 5 steps to screenshot a website.

I’ll be using as my example for this Tutorial – basically cos I’ve just bought something from there ! Could have been any website!

Step 1

Have FireShot Downloaded.

1) Click on the FireShot Extension

Step 2

1) Select Capture the entire page

It will then scroll down capturing the page

Step 3

1) Once captured, a new browser tab will appear with your Website Screenshot

2) Click Save as Image

Step 4

1) Your Website Screenshot will be saved on your Browser (I’m using Google Chrome)

At this point I usually drag it onto the Desktop

Step 5

To see your image, click on the Image shown in Step 4 and the screenshot appears in your Photo Editor

I hope you enjoyed the Tutorial 🙂 I use this all the time to send to clients, or use in my inspiration scrapbook.

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