How to plan a Professional Services Website

How to plan a Professional Services Website

Building websites for other professional services you have to answer these questions for your website to be any decent.

There aimed to get at the heart of what you want, and deliver results for you. Since asking these questions I’ve taken on 5 clients (yeah just starting) and I’ve managed to generate £5000 in total, lowest £600 so doing pretty good so far.

Which type or website are you looking for

Do you want a brochure website just to display what you offer?

Do you want a lead generating website?

Take bookings on your website?

All of them?

That’s pretty much max of what you can have with a professional website, below is what each one can achieve

What do you want your website to achieve?

With a brochure website the end result in most cases is establishing credability. You can put your website on a business card, which looks proffesional. Someone can check you out, which is actually most people who are interested, and see your legit and spent time to get a website.

This is great for start ups, and, again, those who want to establish credability.

A lead generating website is the same as a brochure, expect this time you add forms and contacts around the website. And the entire purpose is to establish you over the competitoin and to get the phone ringing.

You can either have a full blown website, or landing pages. Each landing page can combine with your marketing efforts, and the ultimate goal is to get the phone ringing.

Take bookings would be the same as lead generating expect you add a booking plugin on the website, and this saves you the hassle of booking in your self.

Hopefully now if your planning your website, you know what to focus on and if you’re not building you can tell your website designer.

Once this question is asked I move onto the next one.

List everything you want on a website

Ok you want a website, so let’s try and get your desires out and why. Services, about, all your social icons, get it all out and write this down.

Once you have it listed. I like to use a pad and pen or a word doc, print it off, and then cross of what works.

So once listed, straight away answer this next question

List everything a customer would want to see on your website

So from the article the 5 types of customers, your main ones are searching for a prfoessional to do a job for them.

What would you look for?

  • Testimonials, case studies, certficates and governing bodies your associated with – all that is for social proof and to show your not a dimwit
  • Prices – yep some people want to see if they can afford what you offer, when comparing you can establish yourself as a decent worker and even if your price is higher, by just your website people would prefer you because they trust you
  • What you offer – Lets take a plumber, I want a shower fitted or combi service. Write down you main jobs you do and people want, and the job of the website is to make it easy to click to, or even add a form like I have on my website
  • Trust and ability – From testimonals you can show that, but with case studies show pictures of your finished work and how the client feels. That’s really what someone wants. For me writing these blogs your desired result is a ton of money from your website, that’s the bottom line, so I sprinkle in the fact I earn local clients more than they spend, otherwise whats the point. Try do the same for yours. How can you present? And don’t worry I’ll show you how below! But keep the question in mind

Which type of website style do you want

So your customer is looking for someone, if your a legal service do you want a cartoon style website? Yeh, maybe if you want to stand out and show you’re not boring, or of course you can show your professional.

The style just helps either yourself or a designer know roughly what the finished website should look like. And hopefully it lines with your customer.

Select your Website Name and domain extension

Next you then need to buy your domain name.

.com is the best is the second best (if you live in the uk)

You can read my article on the best domain name but really you can either go for so for a or your business name.

If .com or is taken then .co .uk .online is ok but try keep .com

And don’t forget if you’re not happy with a name, you can change your mind and redirect everyone to your new site. If you don’t do this yourself it will cost about £200 for someone to do this, or it’s call 301 redirect.

Website Builder

You then have wix, weebly or wordpress to choose from.

WordPress is my chosen website builder so I’ll continue here

Hosting and Plugins

You can install all the hosting and plugins

Build your menu

From your brainstorming session build your menu

Build your website.

Have a look at the design sections and build your own website

Make it speedy

Add all the speed plugins and seo

Release and keep track of Google Analytics

Do all that and you’ll be grand



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