How to Plan a Blogging Website

How to Plan a Blogging Website

So with a blogging website lets go

What do you want to achieve?

You really have 3 options

  • Just blog and write about what you want to write about
  • Earn money
  • Or do both

With blogging to just write and share your thoughts, this is pretty easy to do, all you need to do is setup your website to blog, get a nice design, know your outline and you just write, then publish.

So this is for you, you’ll just need to skip the money earning and traffic genearting ideas. Or get the best of both worlds and do both, the easiest way is to setup adsense, so you’re not selling Google does it for you and you get to blog.

To earn money you need an audience and I’ll cover money options next.

How to earn money from a blog

So to earn money you need traffic and you can either

  • Affiliate products
  • AdSense
  • Sell something
    • Course
    • Ebook
    • Painting

But most of all you need to write to attract traffic.

How to attract traffic

A bit of research.

So I’ll show you my website world and this really is a blog. People want a website. You’ve got business owners, of which there is loads, products, blogging. I focus on professional services and blogging.

This website writes about that.

Questions like which domain extentions should I get won’t earn money, but I could write at the end about hosting, which you’ll need, and how I know the best one.

This links to the best one, and the may buy the hosting offer.

You’ll need an understanding of the 5 people who visit

Who offers affiliate products

Or you just write about an area, and use adsense, like most newspapers do.

You can also use facebook ads, and adwords to get traffic.

Setup your blog

You’ll need a domain name, hosting and a website builder.

I use WordPress

Setup SEO

Know what your going to write

Blogging plugins

Convert pro, get a pop up to stop people leaving, get a sign up list

The writing plan

Outline, write like crazy, edit edit edit, leave it a day, edit, release, either market or share with everyone.



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