How to pick your Colour Scheme

How to pick your Colour Scheme

How to pick your Colour Scheme

The best idea for a colour scheme would be to pick 1 main colour and then use software to find you tints and shades to use on your website

Below I’ll show you 4 options I use to find a 1 main colour to use in a colour scheme.

Option 1 – The Image route

For this option you have this one image you love.

It speaks volumes about the mood and ambiance you are trying to create.

If you love it, upload it to the following softwares which will then give you a colour scheme to use 🙂

I like to use 2 websites at the same time. They’ll give slightly different colour schemes so you can pick your favorite one.

Option 2 – You have a brand colour

Now if you have a brand colour i’ll be assuming a designer or yourself picked this colour for a reason.

Whatever your business does or is can be defined to a degree in a colour using colour phsycology.

With that you’ll already have a main colour I would then visit to find extra shades and tints for your website.

Option 3 – Pick your favorite

With this option you’ll load up the website, have a look and really pick the one that makes you go ooooh.

That will then be your main colour.

Option 4 – Indiana Jones

Last but not least you go exploring!

Browse your favorite websites and find a sweet colour that you want to be on your website.

You’ll use a colour tool called colorzilla.

Link here to see how to download and use.

1 = Use the tool

2 = Hover over the colour you like

3 = Save the Hex and RGB code that comes up

I hope you enjoyed the Tutorial 🙂

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