How to Install Ocean WP Theme

How to Install Ocean WP Theme

How to Install Ocean WP Theme

To install a Theme you want to head over to appearance and then click themes.

So unlike a plugin where the tab to click on is obvious for a theme if you remember from the Jargon lesson a Theme controls the style of your header, footer and sidebars, you can think of it as the appearance and then you can hover over the tab and see themes

That’s how I try and remember it anyway

You can see we have some themes already pre installed and an active theme, which is this Twenty Seventeen Theme but we now want to add a really cool theme.

This theme Ocean WP works so well with Elementor, it’s easy to use, fast and secure

To Install any new theme we want to Click Add New

Search for Ocean WP in the search bar

And you should see the Theme here labelled Ocean WP

Hover over and click Install

Then click Activate

Congratulations you have now installed Ocean WP and that’s how you install a new theme.

You’ll notice that this yellow bar has come up and this recommends us to install Ocean Extra which is a plugin that helps the Theme run

Let’s click Begin Installing Plugin

And click install

Great stuff we’re installed and now click return to the Dashboard and hit refresh

And that plugin has installed another extra module on your dashboard called Theme Panel where you can control some Theme Settings

We’ll go over that throughout the course

Lets head back to the Themes by hovering over appearnce and clicking Themes as I’ll show you how to delete a Theme

To delete a Theme make sure it’s deactivated

Then click on the theme and click delete

And then click on Ok on the pop up

You must have at least 1 theme installed on WordPress

I’ll now delete the other 2 so we have a fresh website.

Following the same principle of clicking the theme, delete and ok

And repeat again click theme, delete and ok


We now need to make a few tweaks to the settings of the theme otherwise the page will not look so good and you’ll see why, coming up

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