How to Install Elementor Page Builder

How to Install Elementor Page Builder

How to Install Elementor Page Builder

There are 2 ways to install a plugin.

The first is to hover over plugins and you can see the add new button

Or as we are on the installed plugins page already you can click add new next to plugins

Both will take you to the add plugins page

In your spare time you could have a look at the featured, popular, recommended plugins to learn about any new features or extra functionalities you might like on your own website.

Much later on we’ll install the other plugins I recommend, but for now we just need the main one Elementor

In the search area lets search for Elementor.

And this is the super awesome Page Builder from the Jargon Lesson.

We’ll get taken to this page and you can see this is the Elementor page builder plugin with a huge half a million active installations and tip top reviews

To install a plugin make sure in the right tab and click Click ‘Install Now’ then click ‘Activate’

Sweet you have now installed Elementor and your first plugin!

You’ll be taken to the ‘Installed Plugins’ page after activating every plugin

And on some plugins like this one you’ll also get an extra module on your dashboard with this one being called Elementor.

And there you can adjust some of Elementors settings which we’ll head to in the next lesson.

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