How to hire a writer

How to hire a writer

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And to automate here but do it after writing your own posts so you know what to brief people

This is formatting a post which I think will help

Another one, then I can summarize it all

Shit and a good hire a writer one

Why hire writers

If your a business owner you may want to hire writers for your ewbsite. If you do SEO for companies or looking to get into it writing plays a huge part.

Sure writing yourself is cheaper, but you lose hours.

Is it worth it?

Sure it’s worth it. Of course if you’re doing SEO it takes about 6 months to see a return on investment.

Worst case scenario the writing isn’t any good, at least you have a shell, and then you’d have to pay somone to edit, or you could do yourself. But some hard graft is done, you just need a decent outline which I’ll show you below.

Where to hire writers

Also UpWork and Fiver

You could also go to your local meetups regarding webdesign, websites, and content if you prefer to meet people face to face or hear recommendations for face to face people, I’m not sure on the prices but around £30 an hour wouldn’t be to far.





How to ask them to write for you?

Have an outline for what you want. I go to local meetups and this is what they asked for.

  • Style: What tone do you want me to write?
  • Objectives: What do you want the article to accomplish
  • Length: Word count is how writers know what to charge.
  • Outline: A bullet summary of the main points and running order
  • Timing and Name: When do you want it written by and who’s name should it be?
  • Resources: What will you provide them, or what will they have to aquire


So you could have

Review article – the aim is for them to buy the product or say it’s not great but this other one is better, or say its rubbish dont buy
Blog – Get the reader to buy, move to another blog post which then leads to buy example ‘what should I look for in a laptop’ > ‘Best power laptops’ > Buy product
Web Page – have the reader order my services or product + show and display my services for them to order.

The write should then ask you questions related to your objectives. So if you know your objectives you’ll be fine.


Based on this article (my one) you can have fun freidn’y, first person, second person. It helps to be aware of what you could have so when a writer asks you, you can show them how to write.


This is an interesting one length, because what if you pay someone to write a 2000 word services page, but the best, punchy version is 1200, so you’ve got 800 filler words thrown in there.

I think if you ask for there prices for say 1000 words, 2000 words and 3000 words then ask them to write in the best possible way for you objectives and rough idea , say they say they reckon 1000 words, well if you imagine it would cost 2000 words then let them write and if they say it was 1500 words, well you’re in.

So I would say give me a rough idea of how many words to give the information based on your experience, just so I have an idea on costs, double there figure

ME – Write down a rough average for each one ?? Homepage 500 to 1000 words, one page homepage 2000 – 4000 words – hope this helps.

This image is here, click on question mark


This would include your title, headings and what order you want someone to write about. With your objectives and there expereince with target audience they may ask to rearrange, but this gives them tips what to write for.

Timing and Name:

Always ask when it should be done by and below is a rough idea on times

Up to 1000 words around 48 hours

1001 to 2500 around 4 days

2501 to 4000 around 8 days

4001 to 15000 around 10 days

15001 + around 2+ weeks


If someone writes you a copy, is there name going on it? If not a ghost write is someone who writes and puts your name on it, this obviously costs more but it’s good to know if you’re happy with their name or yours.


Testimonials, images, case studies, interviews, data are you providing this or will the writer have to get this?

It would be best if you provide this, and have it all at hand.

Tips when hiring

My 5 Top Outsourcing & Hiring Hacks – Plus A Time Sensitive Opportunity You Need To See! – miles becker

Being fairly new to outsourcing myself, at the time of writing, I’ve checked out a lot of articles on other people doing it. Here’s a round up of other business owners and their top tips.

Online hiring can be a little tricker to see if someone is going to be reliable, honest and has attention to detail.

I mean, if you have someone coming to you for an interview, if they turn up late, sure that’s a no go, very easy. But how can you replicate this online.

One way is to put your name at the beginning and end of your job application. If someone replys to your job offer without replyaing back to your name it shows a lack of detail, this is a great way I use to NOT use that person.

Tip 2 see if they are compatible with you … I’m not sure about this, as I’d rather have someone do the job

Tip 3 

Ask to have a look at their workspace. A dedicated space or are they in the kitchen with the family? You can do this by asking them to send a video. This see’s how good they are on video


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