How to Get and Setup a Business Email with SiteGround and Gmail

How to Get and Setup a Business Email with SiteGround and Gmail

How to Get and Setup a Business Email with SiteGround and Gmail

This can be easily done

Step 1

Add cpanel to the end of your website name


Step 2

You’ll then appear at this login page

2) Type in your username.

3) Type in your password.

4) Click Login

Step 3

Once your logged on to your cPanel scroll down a bit

1) Click on Email Accounts

Step 4

1) Make sure you have your website name selected.
If you have just one website you’ll be fine.
If you have more than one click on the dropdown to find it

2) Enter whatever name you would like. I used josh

3) Enter your Password

4) Click Create Account

Step 5

1) You’ll have your new email created below – sweet !

Now to get ready to set up with Gmail we’ll need to do the following

2) Click on ‘more

3) Click Configure Email Client

Step 6

1) The Highlighed Section !

This is the bit we are going to refer back to.

Leave this page open, start a new tab, and login to your gmail account.

Step 7

Once you are on the Gmail account you want to setup with your new Business Account

1) Click the Settings Tab

2) Click Settings

Step 8

On the settings page

1) Click Accounts and Import

Step 9

Check mail for other Accounts

1) Click Add A Mail Account

Step 10

A pop up will appear like this

1) Type in your business email address.

Example: (that we created in Step 4)

2) Click Next

Step 11

This will be next and have a preselected option

1) Click Next

Step 12

This page will appear.

We now need to go back to the previous tab in our cPanel and copy a few things

Step 13

We need to remember 4 things from here

1) Your Username: Mine =

2) Your Password: This is the same one you used to create the business email

3) Incoming Server: Mine =

4) POP3 Port: 995
This is the connection we’ll be using

Now lets copy these back in on the Google Pop up

Step 14

As you can see from the image I copied the first one


I entered the Password

POP server – That’s your incoming server

I changed Port to 995

I ticked yes to
Always use a secure connection
Label Incoming messages

1) Then click Add Account

Step 15

Congratulations you’ve completed that bit

Click Next

Step 16

This page will appear.

The white section is the name you can use that will be shown on the mail you send.

I used my name but from a business view I could have used Optimize Websites Tutorials or maybe support

Whichever you decide the next step is to click Next Step

Step 17

After clicking Next Step head back to your tab with the email cPanel and we need a few things below

Outgoing Server: Mine is (the same as the incoming server)

Port 465

Armed with that information let’s head back to the Google Mail

Step 18

SMTP Server – This is your outgoing server. Copy the information from the previous step

Enter your password. The same as you have been doing before

Make sure Secured Connection using SSL is selected

Change Port to 465

Click Add Account

Step 19

A confirmation link will appear.

Click it to receive a confirmation code

Step 20

On the new email in the background you’ll get your confirmation code

Enter your Confirmation Code

Click Verify

Step 20

You’ve now set up your email !

2 things i like to change.

1) I make my default email that I send and receive coming from my business email. I click make default

2) I click reply from the same address the message was sent to.
You have a dropdown to select which one but you could forget and reply with the normal email

Step 21

Your email settings should look something like this.

You’re all set up now !

I hope you found this article helpful ! 🙂

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