How to get a Name Cheap domain name

How to get a Name Cheap domain name

The top choice between choosing a domain name would be GoDaddy or NameCheap. After using GoDaddy I prefer NameCheap.

The reason? GoDaddy are so pushy. It’s all sales, sales, sales. I’m like a peice of meat there. Name cheap on the other hand, I feel, treat me with respect, like I mean something. They don’t push crap onto me. So Namecheap get’s my business.

Another plus is it’s £2 cheaper !

Here’s how to get a NameCheap Domain

Step 1

Go to Namecheap

Step 2

Search for your domain name

Step 3

Add your domain name to the cart

Step 4

Click view cart or

You have options here if you want to add.

I don’t as I have (copy goDaddys)

Step 5

Confirm Order

Step 6

Sign in or create an account

Step 7

Order now I think

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