How to create your WordPress Menu

How to create your WordPress Menu

How to create your WordPress Menu

This can be easily done in 5 steps

WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Menu > Type Menu Name > Create Menu > Select Pages >  Add to Menu > Order your Pages > Select Main > Save Menu

Step 1

Start at the WordPress Dashboard

Step 2

1) Hover over Appearance

2) Click Menus

Step 3

1) Type your Menu Name (I usually call my first menu Main Menu)

2) Click Create Menu

Step 4

1) You should see all the pages here

Select the pages you want on your menu. I will be adding all 4. Contact | Services | About | Home

2) Click Add to Menu

More info:
3) You can also add posts, custom links and categories if you wanted to.

Step 5

1) Your pages are now in the menu. The order of pages goes from top to bottom.

In this picture your menu on your website would look like this.
Contact | Services | About | Home

You can reorder the pages by dragging and dropping. If you want Home first ‘Drag it to the Top’ above Contact.

2) Select Main

Note: You could have this menu on the Top Bar or Footer if you wanted. Select that option if you wanted to !

3) Save Menu

I hope you found this article helpful ! 🙂

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