How to create a free Transparent Logo

How to create a free Transparent Logo

How to create a free Transparent Logo

Most ‘free’ logo makers are free to make but you can’t download a transparent background without paying for it.

Luckily ucraft is on hand to offer you a free downloadable transparent background

Step 1

Head over to this website to create your free transparent logo

Click Create a Free Logo

Step 2

You’ll be taken to this page where you have 3 options to add items for your logo

1. Icons
2. Text
3. Shapes

Lets click on the text to make it appear

Step 3

Sweet we have out text

1) This is the text we clicked on

2) You can change the colour

3) You can change the font to any Google Font

4) You can change the size

5) Standard Bold, Italic or Underline.

6) You can display in UPPERCASE or lowercase

7) This button is to bring the item to the front of back
Let’s say we have a square. You would probably want to bring the text in front of the square. You would then click this button

Step 4

Clicking on the icon brings up all the icons you could use

There are over 200k icons to pick from. Handy Stuff !

Step 5

By clicking on the shapes button we can use 4 shapes

1) Circle

2) Triangle

3) Square

4) Line

They are all adjustable meaning you can resize them to whatever you would like

Step 6

To save lets click Preview

Step 7

You’ll need to sign in to download.

To sign up is a simple procedure with your name, email and password

Step 8

Click Download

Step 9

Download as Free Transparent Background

Step 10

You’ll now have your free transparent logo downloaded onto your browser downloads.

Thank you ucraft

I hope you enjoyed the Tutorial 🙂

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