How to change a WordPress Permalink

How to change a WordPress Permalink

One Page Course How to change a WordPress Permalink

Now this is a weird one but when you create a website page, which will be in the next lesson, you get to add that page name after your website name.

Like we had in the hosting lesson.

Wpbeginner is the websitename but the hosting page is titled hosting

However by default WordPress doesn’t include the name, it includes some weird numbers to describe that page – lets change it to make it look normal to people

1) Hover over Settings

2) Click on Permalinks

And permalink is the official word for the name after your website

So you’re now at the Permalink Settings Page and can change the Permalinks to the one you want

And as you can see there are 6 options to choose

But the one we’ll select will be┬áPost Name as that looks the best and doesn’t have any weird gobldy gook at the end of your website name

We’ll now click save changes.

And we’re now finally ready to create the website page – yay !


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