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Well that's how you create a website by building it. We teach you how to build using the brilliant wordpress, but how do you know what to build, the colours, images ?



That's where you choose your colours, fonts and how the layout of the website will look, but incase you didn't know the main purpose of design is to enhance the content ....



.....The content is there to meet the visitors needs most of all. Thats why there coming to your website. But do you know what words to put on a website, who you're writing for and actually why you want a website? How do we get this ?



The foundation, which no one really wants to do, but without a plan, you don't know who your writing for, which means you cant design, which means you'll struggle to build

The 4 Stages of Website Building

What can Optimise Websites do for you ... ?


Take you from unaware, in any step involving planning, writing, desiging or building a website, to aware


To create a website you'll need tools. Together we compare the tools, and the best one gets taught in depth

This gives you ability


... We get you to Phase 3

You are aware and able to create your website ... with a little concentration 🙂

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